Terrance Devon Pettiford( born August 5, 1994), better known by his stage name Yah Highnesz, is an American born Rapper, Singer, and Record Producer. In 2011, he had a brief encounter with law enforcement that sent him to the NC state penitentiary from then to the date of his release on December 16, 2016. During his stay in DAC he began to utilize his time wisely and master his craft and channel all vibes he encounters into motivation. Upon his release he became more active in the community with the mindset to make change from within’ by displaying positive principles he learned through his experiences - Advocating that “Dreams” are attainable only through Dedication, Determination, and Self-Discipline.

 In 2017, he became a published recording artist under the management of Rooted From The Soul Studios in his hometown (Roxboro, NC). In an era saturated with mumble rappers, hip-hoppers, and young upstart MC’s vying for the glorifying status of “Next Best Thing”, the heart wrenching story of 22 year old North Carolina native Yah Highnesz (born Terrance Pettiford) is nothing short of astonishing. It offers a refreshing look into the lifestyle of the modern day struggle that comes when pursuing your dreams, fame and success.

Yah Highnesz is making himself notable through his unique story-telling ability and a hypnotizing stage presence that compliments his lyrics. With his mind focused on his goals and his strong determination to achieve them at full effect, Yah Highnesz may very well become the “Next Big Thing” in the industry.